Looking for new Chinese words and phrases to learn? I gotcha :)

心地好 ➣ Kind (as in 'I'm kind.')

劫富济贫 ➣ rob from the rich to help the poor (成语 idiom)

(我)行侠仗义 ➣ to be chivalrous “I help those in need."

我乐善好施 ➣ I'm charitable (lit : kind and charitable)

读书去 ➣ Go study!

无人缘 ➣ Not popular (无 (verb) meaning not have; there is not; be without; not; 人缘 (noun) meaning relations with other people)

乱出风头 ➣  Always trying to steal the limelight (出风头 (v) seek the limelight)

无追求 ➣ Lacks passion / not passionate about anything

无情商 ➣ Lacks emotional intelligence (情商 lit: emotional quotient (EQ), abbr. for 情绪商数 (same meaning))

学校里有传闻说 ➣ There's a rumor going around school (传闻 (noun) meaning hearsay; rumor talk/ (verb) it is said; they say)

学霸 ➣ Nerd

过了没多久 ➣ Not long after that,...

我要到那里啊,找到人生的意义 ➣ I'm going to go there and find the meaning in my life.

心梅竹马 ➣ childhood sweethearts

说都那部住了 ➣ You dropped all your books.

好巧啊 ➣ What a coincidence!

这就是缘分 ➣ It's fate (缘分 (noun) lit: predestined relationship; luck by which people are brought together)

不告诉你 ➣ It's a secret (lit: won't tell you/ not telling you)

破案了 ➣ Everything is clear now! (破案 (verb) lit: to solve a case)

这一却都是我害的 ➣ All of this is my fault.

隔壁班裁剪而过的同学而已 ➣ We barely even knew each other (talking about her classmate who was also her next door neighbor)  (隔壁 noun - lit: next door, 擦肩而过 idiom - lit: brief encounter; to brush past sb, 而已 auxiliary - that is all, nothing more)

我对天发誓 ➣ I swear... (发誓 verb - vow; pledge; swear; take an oath)

我们是清白的 ➣ There's nothing going on between us. ( 清白 adjective - pure; clean; stainless;)

自恋 ➣ narcissistic (verb - lit: self-love; narcissism)

你管我啊 ➣ Mind your own business

神经病 ➣ Are you crazy? (lit: mental disorder / mental case (derogatory)

过人被我猜中了 ➣ I guess right! (猜中 verb - guess right, 被 - used for passive voice clauses)

彼此尊重 ➣ respect each other (彼此 pronoun - each other; one another; 尊重 verb - respect; value; esteem;)

坦白讲➣ Frankly speaking,... (坦白 adjective - honest; frank; candid; 讲 verb - speak; say; tell;)

拜托 ➣ Please (verb - (courteous) request sb. to do sth.)

在我们的人生中,总有些告别会让人措手不及 ➣ In life, there will always be things we aren't ready to say goodbye to. (  总 -adverb - always; 告别 verb - to say good-bye to;   措手不及 idiom - no time to deal with it; caught unprepared; )

馈赠 ➣ to present (a gift) to sb; blessing

哪像我们 ➣ We can't compare (哪像 - unlike, in contrast to)

丢脸 ➣ to lose face, to be awkward/ humiliating

你这个人很奇怪欸? ➣ What's your deal? (lit: why are you being so weird?; 欸 - used as interjection expressing disapproval (in this case); surprise; calling attention)

凭什么? ➣ Why/ For what reason?  ( 你凭什么吻我啊? Why did you kiss me?)

我来劝劝她 ➣ Let me go talk to her (劝 verb - lit: comfort)

你拿我当做挡箭牌 ➣ Then you use me as an excuse (lit: you use me as a shield) (当做 verb - to treat as; to regard as; 挡箭牌 noun - shield; (fig.) excuse)

明明 ➣ Obviously; definitely; (明明喜欢的是叶茹婷 It's obvious you like Ye Ruting)

我讨厌你自以为是 ➣ I hate how you think you're always right. (自以为是 idiom - to believe oneself infallible; to be opinionated)

乱放感情 ➣ fickle (乱 noun - in a confused state of mind; disorder; mix up; 放 verb - give way to; to release; 感情 noun - emotion; feelings between two persons)

你是白痴吗? ➣ Are you an idiot? (白痴 noun - idiot)

性格胆小懦弱 ➣ scared and weak (性格 noun - character; nature; 胆小 adjective - timid; cowardly; 懦弱 adjective - cowardly; weak)

那时候我很天真地想 ➣ Then I had a wild idea. (天真 adjective - innocent; naïve)

忐忑不安 ➣ uneasy; restless; fidgety (我会突然忐忑不安 I'd suddenly tremble in anxiety)

默默守护在你上边 ➣ by your side quietly watching and protecting you (默默 adjective - quiet; silent; 守护 verb - guard; defend; take care of)

即使那意味着 ➣ Even if that means/ meant... ( 即使 conjunction - even; even if; even though; 意味着 -signify; mean; imply)

那一刻我们相爱过 ➣ We fell in love in that moment. (相爱 verb - in love with each other; love one another)

可能只是我不愿意承认。。。 ➣ It's possible I just wasn't willing to acknowledge (subtitles translated as : Sometimes I wonder...) (只是 adverb - only; just; merely; 愿意 verb - willing; 承认 verb - admit; acknowledge; recognize)

差生 ➣ bad student

This movie is about 1 1/2 hours long, but typing this up as I watched the movie took about 4-5 hours. It was a cute movie; nothing deep. But, I recommend it if you're looking to watch a feel-good rom-com and want to learn some everyday Chinese at the same time :)

Here's the trailer in case you're curious:

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