I recently found a Chinese drama called Go Ahead, or 以家人之名 (lit. ' In the Name of the Family') and decided it would be fun to blog about some new words or phrases from the show.

One of the reasons why I decided to start this blog was to document my language learning journey, and to share it with anyone else who may be interested. So, if you're one of those people, keep reading😄

心里怎么想的?xin1li zen3me xiang3 de? ➢ What do you think?

别扭死我了 bie4niu si3 wo3 le➢ I feel so embarrassed/ Don't embarrass me.

我已经理好了 wo3 yi3jing1 li3 hao3le➢ I've figured it out already.

我去 wo3 qu4➢ My god!

我警告你啊 wo3 jing3gao4 ni3 a1 ➢ I'm warning you ~

我加油 wo3 jia1you2 ➢ I'll work hard!

我是独生女 wo3shi4 du2sheng1nu:3 ➢ I'm an only child.

以椰汁代酒 yi3 ye2zhi1/ye1zhi1 dai4 jiu3 ➢ I'll replace alcohol with coconut juice. (grammar 以。。。代。。。)

我现在对他们的感觉吗?wo3 xian4zai4 dui4 ta1mende gan3jue2 ma3/ma ➢ How do I feel about them right now? (clarifying the question)

我太铭感了 wo3 tai4 ming2 gan3 liao3/le/liao4 ➢ I'm too sensitive.

有一种孤独的感觉 you3 yi1zhong3 gu1du2 de gan3jue2➢ It's a feeling of loneliness.

我努力 wo3 nu3li4 ➢ I'll work hard!

That's all for this episode!